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Uruguay 0020-21.jpgUruguay 0025-16.jpgUruguay 0021-4.jpgUruguay 0002-15.jpgUruguay 0005-21.jpgUruguay 0023-7.jpgUruguay 0027-18.jpgUruguay 0021-20.jpgUruguay 0006-10.jpgUruguay 0020-34.jpgUruguay 0008-6.jpgUruguay 0025-1.jpgUruguay 0015-10.jpgUruguay 0022-12.jpgUruguay 0028-5.jpgUruguay 0028-13.jpgUruguay 0018-30.jpgUruguay 0018-37.jpgUruguay 0019-27.jpgUruguay 0026-31.jpgUruguay 0026-41.jpgUruguay 0008-23.jpg

At the back end of last year I was back in a continent I’m very familiar with & once called home; South America. This time I was in the lesser explored corner known locally as Uruguay. Whilst everyone has heard of Uruguay and knows some of its most famous exports very little is know about what lies beneath the surface of this fascinating country just a short boat journey from one of the most visited cities in South America, Buenos Aires. With its stunning beeches, UNESCO heritage, great food, even better wine, friendly locals and more classic cars than Cuba. Uruguay is destined to be hit on the Gringo trail but for the time being it remains one of South Americas hidden gems.

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Buenos Aires, Argentina


Buenos Aires 0001-1.jpgBuenos Aires 0001-3.jpgBuenos Aires 0001-4.jpgBuenos Aires 0001-12.jpgBuenos Aires 0001-13.jpgBuenos Aires 0001-9.jpgBuenos Aires 0001-20.jpgBuenos Aires 0001-14.jpgBuenos Aires 0001-16.jpgBuenos Aires 0001-2.jpgBuenos Aires 0001-40.jpgBuenos Aires 0001-24.jpgBuenos Aires 0001-10.jpgBuenos Aires 0001-18.jpgBuenos Aires 0001-5.jpgBuenos Aires 0001-6 (2).jpgBuenos Aires 0001-6.jpgBuenos Aires 0001-7.jpgBuenos Aires 0001-8.jpgBuenos Aires 00010-13.jpgBuenos Aires 00010-33.jpgBuenos Aires 00011-29.jpgBuenos Aires 0001-30 (2).jpgBuenos Aires 00012-2.jpgBuenos Aires 00012-23.jpgBuenos Aires 00013-3.jpgBuenos Aires 00015-17.jpgBuenos Aires 00016-14.jpgBuenos Aires 00017-4.jpgBuenos Aires 00018-17.jpgBuenos Aires 00022-22.jpgBuenos Aires 00019-12.jpgBuenos Aires 00019-14.jpgBuenos Aires 0002-1.jpgBuenos As 0001-11.jpgBuenos Aires 0009-40.jpgBuenos Aires 0004-23.jpgBuenos Aires 0005-38.jpgBuenos Aires 00020-30.jpgBuenos Aires 00021-26.jpgBuenos Aires 00021-6.jpgBuenos Aires 00022-39.jpgBuenos Aires 0005-29.jpgBuenos Aires 00023-5.jpgBuenos Aires 0004-17.jpgBuenos Aires 0007-4.jpgBuenos Aires 0004-21.jpgBuenos Aires 0004-30.jpgBuenos Aires 0004-40.jpgBuenos Aires 0004-9.jpgBuenos Aires 0005-48.jpgBuenos Aires 0006-27.jpgBuenos Aires 0006-34.jpgBuenos Aires 0007-26.jpgBuenos Aires 0007-6.jpgBuenos Aires 0008-3.jpg

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Scotland 0001-45.jpgScotland 0001-69.jpgScotland 0001-73.jpgScotland 0001-49.jpgScotland 0001-53.jpgScotland 0001-23.jpgScotland 0001-26.jpgScotland 0001-36.jpgScotland 0001-38.jpg

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Scotland 0003-36_1-c67.jpgScotland 00011-15.jpgScotland 0003-19.jpgScotland 0009-16.jpgScotland 0008-40.jpgScotland 0008-8.jpgScotland 0009-11.jpgScotland 0003-46.jpgScotland 0003-28.jpgScotland 00011-26.jpgScotland 0003-47.jpgScotland 0003-50.jpgScotland 0008-32.jpgScotland 0004-2.jpgScotland 00011-2.jpgScotland 0004-31.jpgScotland 0003-1.jpgScotland 0002-32.jpgScotland 0004-45 pano.jpgScotland 0003-10.jpgScotland 0005-10.jpgScotland 0005-23.jpgScotland 0003-30.jpgScotland 0009-45.jpgScotland 0005-43.jpgScotland 0008-49.jpgScotland 0006-10.jpgScotland 0006-11.jpgScotland 0006-8.jpgScotland 0007-2.jpgScotland 0007-9.jpgScotland 0008-1.jpgScotland 0009-43.jpgScotland 0008-33.jpgScotland 0003-21.jpgScotland 0008-35.jpgScotland 0008-45.jpg

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